What is Functional Range Release?

Functional Rehabilitation involves performing controlled movements in an area of dysfunction, in such a manner that the improvements in strength, conditioning and coordination directly improve the performance of movements so that an individual’s activities of daily living are easier to perform. You will be taught exercises in the office that you can easily do at home so that you can maintain your health after your injury has resolved.

Each exercise that we give you is targeted to your specific needs, this helps you make the most of your valuable time and gets you back to 100% quickly.

  • One on one instruction
  • Can be done at home using inexpensive tools
  • Will send videos to walk you through each exercise
What does it do?

Functional Range Release™ technique is a revolutionary soft-tissue treatment and rehabilitation management system. Utilizing the trademarked PAIL’s (Progressive Angular Isometric Loading™) and Tissue Tension Technique™, Functional Range Release™ soft-tissue management expands on the basic tenets of myofascial-release treatments by simultaneously assessing, expanding, and instantly strengthening the patient’s functional range of motion.

Following up on the widely popular Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems™ Seminars, offering advanced instruction in soft-tissue palpation and assessment, F.R.™ Seminars provide manual-medical professionals including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage and Athletic Therapists, Osteopaths and Medical Doctors, instruction in this innovative soft-tissue treatment system which some refer to as the new gold standard in soft-tissue injury management.

We use the methods above to expand on what we’ve used for years with ART and take the continued new information available in science to make your soft tissue treatments even more effective with FR™ Technique.