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Nobody likes being in pain. It takes away from your ability to enjoy everyday life.

Summit Sports And Spine is an evidence-based and experienced clinic, specialized in guiding you towards your best and healthiest life!

What We Do - Our Phases Of Care

We strive to get you back to where you were before the pain came: back to optimal performance!
Our approach begins by assessing the problem to get a full picture of what is going on, both structural and functional, to get to the root of the issues you are facing.
We know this isn't always an easy process so we make sure to not only provide relief of your symptoms but also educate you on what is going on and how to address similar pain in the future.
The pain may be subsiding, but we have more in store for you. We strive to get you back to where you were before the pain came back to optimal performance!
Our goal is to empower you and correctly diagnosis and provide what you need to be successful.

Dr.Jacob Perkins' practice is guided by two principles: science and evidence to help guide treatment decisions that determine our outcomes. Knowledge is power - the more you know, the better your outcome. There is a very strong emphasis on the role of active recovery (your participation in your rehab at home is as important or more important than anything else).

We utilize self-directed pain management strategies using current pain neuroscience, and patient-centered individualized exercise programs to help each patient reach their goals.

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Here Are Just Some Of Our Certifications:

We work hard to ensure you are receiving the highest quality service possible because you deserve it.
Active Release Technique (ART)
Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
Functional Movement Systems (FMS)
Mckenzie Institute (MDT)
Patient Testimonials
"If you are trying to find a place that can help you with some sort of injury or imbalance in your body, look no further.

I was introduced to Dr. Perkins a few months back during a workshop at the gym that work at as a trainer. He has a very unique approach to chiropractic care, putting an emphasis on range of motion and muscular development to fix the issue instead of cracking all the time.
I have various injuries from sports and martial arts and he has done an amazing job at helping me to feel normal again. As someone who has tried physical therapy and chiropractic care in the past, this has been the best I have received. I highly recommend."

- Brian R.

"Dr. Perkins has helped me with a variety of sports injuries over the past few years.

His diagnosis are always on target and his gentle approach to treatment combines multiple techniques that have had tremendous success for me. On top of that his bedside manner is kind and professional. He always has stretches and exercises to recommend that help with recovery and prevention. He also understands that just sitting on the sidelines is not the treatment anyone prefers and helps to guide you to the right level of activity during treatment. I can't recommend him highly enough."

- Michael D.

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We Take You From Inactive To Active Living

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